How to Look After Your EV Charging Cable

Despite the fact that they were built on advanced and remarkable technology, electric vehicles are actually really simple to maintain. The fact rings true for electric car charging cables and charging stations as well. As a matter of fact, if installed the right way ad build modularly, it will be incredibly easy for you to replace each charging component, and most of them actually last pretty long.

Charger malfunctions are a rare occurrence, but they definitely happen. To wit, here are a few charging tips that can help you keep your charging cable’s efficiency for even longer:

Get familiar with the charging cable

Electric vehicles aren’t a “one law goes for all” kind of thing.

The fact that you’ve used a bmw 330e charging cable and you understand how its electric charging cable works doesn’t mean that the same sets of rules will apply for a Nissan Leaf charging cable.

To wit, when you get your EV, make sure to at least familiarize yourself with the rues of charging. Make sure to read the instruction manual and know some simple dos and don’ts.

Trust me, you’ll be surprised at the things you stand to learn by reading this.

Be careful with water

It goes without saying, but it must be said nonetheless.  Make sure that your EV charging cable is kept way from water, because it will most likely damage it (or at the very least, reduce its effectiveness while charging).

To do this, you will need to give the placement of your charging cable a strong consideration. If you’ll be charging at home or at work, make sure to place the cable as well as its outlet) in a place that is properly covered. This way, you get to limit contact with rain or other sources of water.

Remember that water and electricity have never had a history of mixing particularly well.

Watch the charging time as well

Every electric car has a stipulated time for which it gets fully charged.

At the same time, various types of EV charging cables come with charging durations that they can work with. There are the fast chargers (which are usually placed at charging stations), home chargers, and much more.

The thing that you need to ensure is that a  charging session doesn’t take longer than the stipulated time If it does, you could be affecting the battery and the health off the EV charging cable as well.

Apart from rationing charging durations for the health of the charging cable, you also need to do this as it ensures that your utility bills are kept to a minimum.

Ensue you buy the correct cable for your car by reading this in-depth guide to choosing the correct cable for your electric vehicle.

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